Monday, October 13, 2008


Wow, it was a blast...about 12 bands, some hard rock and some not so hard, all coming together on one fabulous night at the beach.

Some of my friends were there, it was within walking distance of my house and we had a ton of fun. The food could have been a bit better. The festival food was a bit overpriced and the bratwursts were a bit small but we still had full stomachs, so no real complaints there.

There were some interesting acts, I have to say. An all girl band called Bleach had this amazing girl on bass that was moving like she was possessed. I was amazed that she could keep playing with all the jumping, whipping and thrashing around she was doing.

There was a band from Tokyo that came to play called Electic Eel Shock that was awesome. Their drummer played with 4 sticks at once rather than just two. They climbed all over the stage, speakers and scaffolding. The final band (who's name I can't spell) had 7 pieces....there was a full orchestral bass in it along with two sets of electric and one not. I took some video so I might try to post some YouTube, we'll have to see. Overall it was a pretty cool evening.


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Just a Girl said...

Sounds like a cool day. :)

Chicken said...

Looks like fun!

Mishka said...

It was so much fun even though a few of the bands were a bit harder than I normally would listen to.