Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bushy Eyebrows, Hello!!!

I was looking for a picture for my mom yesterday and this caused me to go through some of my picture albums. I happened to look at the one from my sister's wedding a few years back and holy cow, did I have some bushy eyebrows.

I didn't pluck my eyebrows in those days because everyone my entire life had always told me that I had naturally great eyebrows....well, they are great I guess as far as the shape goes but at that point, they were completely out of control in width....LOL. It is amazing how much better I look when I take the tweezers to my brow just a bit....nothing crazy, I don't want to have to draw them on or anything but some maintenance is definitely called for these days.


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Chicken said...

Me too although I have had mine waxed and the chicken took too much off. Luckily they grow back.

Haha said...

I never noticed that they were bushy. I guess I would have to see a before and after shot. I hope you and your sister keep yours. Mine are slowly going away and of course turning whiter and whiter - I am trying so hard to grow old gracefully! LOL