Thursday, October 02, 2008

Chatty's Meme

My eye color:

Favorite car:
Environmentally - Prius,  Ideally - Lamborghini Quattrovalve

Right-handed or left-handed:

Shoes you wore today:
Black Chacos

My fears:
Losing my loved ones

Goal you would like to achieve this year:
Finish the stuff I’m working on and get fitter

Thoughts first waking up:
Food or exercise...hmmm?

My bedtime:

Pepsi or Coke:
Neither these days...

Single or Group Dates:
Married, so it doesn't really matter...both I guess

Chocolate or Vanilla:

Do you smoke:
Ugh, no

Do you sing:

Have you been in love:

Do you want to get married:
Already am, going on 17 years

Do you get along with your parents:

Do you play a musical instrument:
I play the flute and plink on the piano. I am trying to learn the guitar.

In the past month have you smoked:

Favorite candy bar:

In the past month have you gone on a date:
Only with J

All-time favorite sports team:
Chicago Bears

Ideal girfriend/boyfriend:
The one that ended up as my husband

My best friend(s):
The ones that accept me as I am, respect me and accept both the bright and dark side of me.

Do you believe in love at first sight:

Favorite clothing brand:
Columbia and Cherokee

Dream vacation:
Don't have one

My favorite singer:
Too many favorites to list

My favorite movie:
Way too many to list...

Have you ever fired a gun:
Of course

Do you like yourself:
Pretty much

I am addicted to:
Too many to list

Favorite drink:
Water or Iced Tea

Are you ticklish:

Favorite ice cream flavor:
Mint chip

Define yourself in 3 words:
Softhearted, organized, athletic

Do you believe in God:

Favorite day of the week:
Don't have one

Heads or tails:
Does it matter?

Favorite author:
Stephen King

What magazines do you read:
Fitness, Nat Geo, Golf Digest
Favorite chewing gum brand:
Big Red and Wrigley's Peppermint

My hair color:
Reddish brown


My heritage:
Native American, English, French

My weakness:
Procrastination lately

My perfect pizza:

My best physical feature:
Hair, feet, skin

Do you get motion sickness:

McDonalds or Burger King:
Neither, we don't do fast food if we can help it

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:
Lipton if Grandma is making it, Japanese green tea otherwise

Cappuccino or Coffee:
Mocha or Chai Latte

Do you swear:

Do you want to go to college:
Been there, done that...two degrees and a certification

Do you think you’re attractive:
Sometimes, I think I am that the same?

Do you like thunderstorms:

In the past month have you drunk alcohol:

In the past month have you been on drugs:
Only over the counter ones...

Favorite cartoon as a child:
Looney Tunes and Charlie Brown

Favorite sport:
Playing; soccer and golf; Watching, football, soccer, golf, Nascar

In the past month have I been on stage:

Ever been beaten up:

How do you want to die:
Who knows...right now I don't want to

Number of piercings:

Favorite color:
Any earth tones, but greens mostly

Favorite food:
Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian

My parents are:
In the States

Do you have children:

Do you have pets:
Yes, cat and fish

My favorite music genre:
I like a little bit of everything...not fond of gangster rap but mostly because of what it stands for, not because the music is bad.

My favorite season:
All of them for different reasons

Silver or Gold:

Who was the last person that called you:
A friend we went to the festival tonight with

Are you a good driver:
Yep, I am a great driver

Would you rather be rich or famous:

When I’m sad or down:
I exercise

What is your phone’s current ringtone:
Some 70's sounding default one from Softbank.

The longest you’ve gone without sleeping:
3 days

What would you do with a million dollars:
Pay off my house, get another in the mountains or near the beach, invest some for retirement and buy stuff for my friends and family

What makes you laugh:
Too many to list

Your favorite book:
Too many to list

Most embarrassing moment:
I can't think of one

Favorite item that you currently own:
My Norikane prints

Have you ever moved:

Kisses or hugs:

Are you a very emotional person:
Yes but not around other people most times.

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