Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bluebirds Are Back

As you know from this post, I got a new birdhouse recently for the bluebirds that nest in our yard.

As you know from this post, last year's last clutch of eggs didn't fare well....

I was kind of worried that they might not come back, especially with the new box not smelling like their old home, but I saw both the male and the female in the box this week. I don't think they are nest building yet but at least they were checking out the new digs and hopefully that means they are here for the season. I don't think they will have to fend off other occupants since this new box has a hole that is precisely the right size for bluebirds alone.

I need to get the bird feeders filled up, and get some hummingbird feeders out so we can attract some new visitors this year. Thing is, we plan to do some landscaping in the area soon, so I hope it is not too distracting for our feathered friends.

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