Thursday, March 23, 2006


It has been a busy week for me with repair people, delivery coordinations, and visitors (notice how school work is not in there). I have had more to do than time to do it in and school work and exercise have gotten shoved off to the side.

So, back to the shrubs. Since J and I are trying to build this bed to help with a screening issue for our patio, we wanted plants that were a bit more mature so that we would have instant effect when they were planted. We order 3 largish shrubs that came in this week. The ball and burlaps on them are huge so we have to have them delivered but that is okay, at least we won't be breaking our backs trying to move them around...

While we were waiting for them, I picked up a couple of gardenias, a couple pieris', and today a couple of nandinas that will all go in as well. These are waiting in our garage for a planting day (which I am hoping will be this weekend sometime). It has been too cold to put the flowering ones out, and the nandinas I just got today. So our garage looks like a little jungle and I have been watering them in there, letting the overflow run out the door. I keep thinking spring is peeking its head out but it keeps eluding us. This is supposed to be the last week of freezing temps and then I can put the plants out without having to worry about the blooms getting lost to frost. Whooooeeeee!!!Once I get all the big stuff in, I can do the smaller stuff and call it good.

My birds think I have abandoned them since the feeders have not be out for weeks. The bluebirds are unsure whether to settle in or not, and I don't know if I will have time to even attract any of the hummingbirds this year. Anyhow, along with that, dealing with the furniture people, the stereo in the hottub people, and possibly some visitors, I have not had time to do the stuff I am supposed to be doing. Tomorrow, I plan to get some exercise in first off, then all schoolwork and no play until the plants come in the afternoon....we'll see how long I stick to it...haha.


Chicken said...

Wow you are so busy. Makes me feel lazy when I get overwhelmed by work and exercise. My house cleaning has been put on the back burner.

Mishka said...

Devoted some serious time to schoolwork last night and get some things accomplished.

Mind Sprite said...

I'm so jealous of your plants. We've decided not to tackle the yard until we get the inside of the house in order, but I can smell the soil and I want to make it pretty! Be sure and post some pictures when you get the bed planted!

I'm going to work hard on the house this weekend and try to get in some reading for fun next week before classes start again.