Sunday, March 19, 2006


I went to a friend's yesterday for a party that a consultant attends to demonstrate different products. This consultant's products were in the facial, anti-aging, and mosturizing arenas . We had a small demonstration of the anti-aging products, lots of great food and then guests could get their makeup done by the cosmetologist that was there. I didn't have my face made up (I don't really wear makeup in the true sense of it) but I had some questions about my eyebrows. She recommended that I fill them to make them a bit more pronounced, and that I get them shaped.

I have never plucked my eyebrows. I have relatively light (in color and hair quantity) brows, and a pretty natural shape to them so I have never seen the need. I usually just brush them to make them look neater and leave the rest to nature. Thing is, I have always been a bit afraid to do them myself because, knowing the perfectionist in me, I figured by the time I was done evening them out over and over again, I would be left with nothing...haha. Everyone, including my sister, has recommended going to have them waxed because then I would see the correct shape and could just do maintenance from there. This is probably good advice, but as much as I am not a makeup person, I am also not much of a salon person either, so I have never gotten around to it.

So last night after I got home from the party, I decided to pluck my eyebrows. I promised myself I would only do strays and just tidy them up a bit. It hurt some and I was red and a bit puffy afterwards, but they do look better and perhaps I can keep them looking like this for a while (therefore putting off the waxing some more...haha).


J.a.G. said...

Applying an ice cube beforehand can help with the pain side of things. Or you can take a couple of painkillers a half hour before.

Dave Morris said...

Pain killer = 16 year old Lagavulin scotch.

My dad gets those fly-away brows, and I'm hoping I don't follow in his footsteps. He just needs to have 'em trimmed, but nobody has the guts to tell him! haha!

P'nut said...

I started plucking mine about a year ago and liked the results. Then, for kicks, I let them grow in fully and had them waxed, just to see if the aesthetician would shape them as I had been. She said I had a good arch and only waxed a bit to tidy them up, so now I just pluck to maintain what she did.