Thursday, March 02, 2006

Its Done

This is what our front yard looked like after we got the trench done and the pipe stretched out but not hooked up yet.We spent all day yesterday replacing the main water line into our house. It wasn't that bad of a project considering we had water back on by evening time.

We did have a couple of small issues. The line needed to go very close to a large pine tree that grows right next to the front of the house, and we didn't want to destabilize it by cutting though a major root artery. When we finally did see the root, it was so huge that the ditch digger machine probably wouldn't have cut it anyhow. It was also fortunate that we had made that decision because right below that large root was our sewer line...and we definitely would have cut that if we had decided to go ahead.

So we ended up going under the big root and a large holly bush which required some digging on our own but it wasn't too bad, and we were able to thread the new hose underneath.

This is what the same area looked like after we were done and put the pinestraw back down. It was getting dark so the photo is not as clear as I would like.Hooking up the system at the end proved more difficult because in the hardware replacement phase, we had lost a vital washer. No one seemed to carry it but we were able to find a similar one and modify it a bit to meet our needs. Overall, we got a good workout, the leaky pipe is replaced and we were outdoors enjoying some awesome weather all day. We also saved about 800 bucks doing it ourselves over having someone else come in and do it.


kilgorsky said...

Evry time something breaks in my apt I'm close to have a seizure. I'm useles and can't fix a thing myself.

Mind Sprite said...

Good job! I'm impressed! We are probably going to have to rewire most of our new house, but I'm not sure we can legally do it ourselves! The building department frowns on that sort of thing!

Mishka said...

Yeah, electricity can be a bit scary. We have done a few things but they are not anything that has to meet a code (installing new light fixtures, cable drops...stuff like that).

We even had an electrician come out when we put the hot tub in, so don't feel bad if you have to hire someone. It is safer that way sometimes.

Mind Sprite said...

It's not a matter of pride in hiring an electrician. It's a matter of cost. It would cost a couple thousand to completely rewire the house. We want to do as much as we can (or should I say B does....I don't touch electricity!) to save a few hundred dollars.