Thursday, March 30, 2006

State Dollars

I ordered some of these yesterday from these people. I thought they were cool and I could put them in geocaches or send them in bday cards of nieces, and nephews.

A man at the store gave a California one to me after he helped me to reach something on a higher shelf a couple of days ago. I was suprised by it, but thought it was kind of cool. Thought since I am far from my home state, that having some to pass around or put in caches would be interesting to people that are from the East Coast...

Anyhow, they also have all kinds of other novelty things...I hope I don't end up on some mailing list from hell (I sent a note with my order to avoid that, but who knows if they will listen or not). I thought the baby announcement ones were kind of interesting as well (not that I have a baby to announce or anything). I even considered getting some birthday ones for my grandmother's birthday this year (she will be 80) but I didn't think she would have 100 people to give them too and that seems to be the lowest quantity you can get them in.


Joanne said...

I find it odd that there is not one for all 50 states.

Mishka said...

What states are missing? I didn't look to see if they were all there...seems like they would want to do all of them so that people would collect them, huh?