Monday, March 27, 2006

Flat B

Flat B geocaching with us on Sunday. He even found a travel bug.
A few weeks ago, our nephew's classroom sent out a request to participate in learning. They had just read a book called Flat Stanley and decided to create flat versions of themselves to mail out with blank journals included. The idea was that we would take Flat B around with us and help him to learn about our area. We took him to J's work, golfing, geocaching, and I even included a few postcards with information about the state and area. This morning, I put all the pictures and journal entries in, added some maps and brochures along with a small state flag and mailed it back to meet the April 1st deadline. We had a lot of fun with Flat B, it was kind of cool to think of things to do with him that would be interesting for 3rd graders. I don't know if anyone will be able to read my writing in the journal but I think our nephew will have one of the best envelopes coming.


Chicken said...

That sounds like a ton of fun. It would be cool to create a travel bug of Flat B and have him travel the world.

Haha said...

I think it is so neat that you and J participated in the project for your nephew - and I think I would like to read this book too!

Mind Sprite said...

I've always thought it would be fun to participate in a project like that. I bet your nephew will love it!