Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pine Pollen

Well, I had a day of open windows, nice breezy 84 degree winds blowing through the house, freshening the air and making the whole place feel like spring was upon us planned for today. I went out to put out our flag, and check the mail from yesterday and noticed a fine coating of dust on the mail on my way back up to the porch, I looked at the top of our truck, and yep, there it was...the yellowish green haze that signifies the annual drop of pine pollen we get around here.

Hopefully we will get enough rain this year that it won't be completely out of control, but it means keeping the windows closed for about 3 weeks (the best weather of the spring too....). Oh well, I guess I would rather have the windows closed than spend the next few weeks dusting several times a day to keep the yellowish green fallout off of everything.

(I'll take pics of some stuff after we get an accumulation so you can see how much it covers everything)

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