Friday, March 24, 2006

Plants Are Here

Well I got my plants today. They delivered them just a bit ago and they could barely move one of them so I am lucky that I had them delivered or we would have been stuck with a plant living permanenly where it might have come off our truck at.

I am excited to get started getting what I have already in the ground but I don't know if the weather is going to cooperate tomorrow or if I will have to wait until Sunday to really get started...nice thing about being a full time student, I can always work on this on Monday too (of course, only the digging as I will need J here to help me move stuff...).

We are looking at low 30s at night until Sunday so we'll see. Maybe I will get them in the ground and just cover the bloomers Sunday night.

On the other front, school work is coming along. Got a lot posted to our classroom today so I am not feeling nor looking like such the slacker as before. Now I just have to get some exercise in before my butt starts to resemble the office chair I have been planted in the last couple of days. I will get some arm and back workouts in with the plants so I just need to get some cardio in, maybe a quick walk right now before I start dinner....see you.

1 comment:

Gone Home said...

Considering the number of people who work in offices I'm surprised they don't have chairs specially moulded to their butt shape. You could make a fortune! :)