Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stinky Lotion

I recently tried a bottle of Suave Cocoa butter with Shea lotion on the recommendation from my mom that Shea butter lotions are great for your skin....well they might be, but this one in particular turns on me. Not immediately, but as soon as I start sweating at all, I start to stink like I haven't washed under my pits in a week. This is very uncomfortable for me because I am kind of phobic of BO on my own body (don't mind it on others much).

Now that wouldn't be a complete issue if I lived somewhere else but here, sweating is a way of life and I can't have it turning into stinking sweat within ten minutes of getting out of the shower....that will just not do.

I don't know if it is the shea or the cocoa butter that is doing it but I know that I am not going to use that particular one again. I was trying to finish out the bottle but yesterday I got fed up with it, so it is out of here....I am using Nivea for now...when it is gone, I'll try something new again.


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Chicken said...

I like Curel's honey, vanilla & shea butter lotion. Perhaps you wouldn't have a problem with it.

Just a Girl said...

I had that happen with a natural deodorant. I couldn't understand why someone would go out smelling like that and then I realized it was me.

Haha said...

the stuff I use is Palmer's and it is great. I also use trader joes shea butter soap - the green tea shea butter is my favorite and your sister turned me on to it. So, you will find a bar of each and a palmers shea butter in your box which I just need to pack and away it goes. I have had perfumes turn on me many times - they would smell so good on others and stink on me. My system is very acid though and I think that is why.

Mishka said...

Chicken- sounds like a good one to try....I don't think they have it here though...I'll have to look.

JAG- I had it happen once before with a cheap body spray I was using and it took me forever to figure out it was just turning on me....

Haha- I tend to spray perfumes that I am not sure of, on my clothes instead of my skin...just for that reason. I have a shea butter body wash that I use and it seems to be okay but that might be because it doesn't stay on my skin like a lotion does....the Nivea doesn't seem to turn so far so I will use it up before I go on to anything else...but the way I lotion up, it won't be long...I look forward to giving your recommendations a try.

sourpuss said...

I use Palmer's as well and like it very much. I recall using an Aveeno lotion once, that had oatmeal in it, and it was nice, too.

I can't use ANY Keri products, though, because they make me stinky (or make ME think I'm stinky) like what you describe.

I guess different people have different body chemistry reactions to different products. My sister and I bought the same perfume once and it smelled totally different on each of us.

Haha said...

Mishka - when you were a baby, I washed you with Nivea after I found out the antibacterial soap that I was using on you was stripping you of the good bacteria you needed on your skin! Our neighbor sold Nivea and recommended it to me and your skin seemed to like it fine. I am glad the brand is still good to you and I will be anxious to see how the palmers works as well.