Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nothing Is Easy

Yesterday I got pissed off at IE because no matter what I do the Link folder in Favorites always comes back and it makes itself show on my toolbar and it also moves my Google toolbar around. My spyware blocker sees it coming in even though I have used every registry edit option out there to keep this thing from coming back.

So I decided to switch to Firefox....which is okay. The fonts and size of fonts are not my favorite and I am not used to the whole tabbed thing but I am learning.

There are three things missing though that really bug me....

1. No word wrap for long urls....hello, Firefox has known about this issue since 2006 and still they do not have a fix...well when CSS3 becomes the standard I guess they will be forced to deal with it.

2. There is no "apply" button in the internet options area...so you can't try something out without exiting out of the area you are in.

3. There is no way to block third party cookies....this one bugs me a lot as well.

So while I have searched all over Blogger and Google today to find a solution to the word wrap issue (my biggest peeve), I find that there is not going to be a solution, at least not for a while. This SUCKS because now my Testing Blogger blog looks like crap in Firefox (of course it always looked like this, I just didn't know). I might have to change templates just so I don't have to deal with seeing it look so crappy for now....this really does piss me off.

Get with it Firefox....this should be an easy one to fix.


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sourpuss said...

I started using Firefox several months ago and so far I like it and haven't really had any issues with it. I never noticed the word wrap issue but that's probably because I do hyperlinks instead of typing out the whole URL.

Haha said...

I am glad you know what you are talking about because it is all greek to me. I know just enough about this stuff to get me in trouble - and I cannot even get my messenger service to work right!