Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks For This Thursday

A Younger VersionContinuing project...this week's thanks are:

I am grateful for my mom. Unfortunately for her, she had to be the heavy my entire childhood and I know that was hard on her but I am a directed, and independent woman because of her. She is my friend. I can turn to her with questions, or opinions and always get a new perspective on things. She made some hard decisions in her life when I was little just to give me a better life and I am so thankful for that. She pushed me to be a better person and look outside of myself. I have learned more from her than I can even remember. She always finds the beauty in things.

I am thankful for my education. While it has cost a pretty penny and I probably haven't gotten my money back out of it yet, I will never feel that learning is a waste. I hope to be learning until the day I die. We can never be too educated in this life and that doesn't mean all education has to be book or school learned. I realize that my education has opened doors for me, and kept them open in a world where doors are so often slamming shut on people. I hope that I can use my education to improve upon someone else's life, even if it means just convincing them to continue their educations. I know that my education has broadened my horizons both literally and figuratively. I hope to do the same for another.


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Gracie's Mommy said...

Mishka you have a great family! I was always so envious of you and your family because you all seemed so happy and glad to be around each other. As opposed to mine which was always chaotic

Mishka said...

GM- thanks for your kind words. I do feel like Chicken and I had a very good childhood. I am glad we didn't have a lot of money even because I think that taught me to work hard for things and to appreciate the things I do have and not to take things for granted. I know as a kid I wished we could have all the cool stuff but now I am glad we were limited some. It is funny how as an adult you see how good things were for you and how much you really got from your parents but as a kid, you just think they are mean and don't know anything...haha.

Haha said...

Thank you darling, my testament to how well I did as a parent is of course what kind of women you and your sister turned out to be - I think I would say I get an A+. With all due respect to your father, yes he was the fun one and not as serious when it came to raising to girls - but he was the balance - he kept me from going overboard (which I probably did anyway), but it worked out just fine.
I considered us very, very rich, we had so much in the way of togetherness, happiness, honesty, fun and most of all LOVE. So, although we did not have much money, it is as you say, that lack, taught all of us to appreciate everything we had and more.
As far as your education goes, when you share what you know with those you love, be it friend or family or a total stranger, then it is worth it. You are a great caretaker of your friends in you life there and you family here, that is your current JOB. You take care of J and a very cute kitty that I love....You keep the balance in your home. That is very important right now. I admire you as well as love you very much. Thank you for this beautiful tribute, you have made me cry tears of, HaHa XOXOXOXO

Mishka said...

Of course were the best and Chicken and I were very lucky kids.

Chicken said...

Very lucky indeed.