Friday, April 15, 2005

Trips and All the Chaos...

Welcome to my world this week. I had a group paper due in my online class on Wednesday that took up most of the first part of the week while I tried to get one paper written by 4 people to sound right. I have another (bigger) paper that was originally due on the 19th (and if I turn it in by then, I get extra credit) but was extended to the 25th...unfortunately I am going to be on the road from tomorrow the 16th until the basically I am writing a graduate research paper while traveling.....lots of fun and stress.

Now the other issue is that I am the kind of person that has to have the entire house clean and all the odds and ends cleared up before going on a trip. So besides dealing with the paper thing and packing, I had to clean our fish tank, clean our cat's room (litter box, vacuuming...), fill all my bird feeders, water all the outdoor and indoor plants, vacuum all floors, clean both bathrooms, do laundry (most of which I am taking with me), clean the kitchen and drive 30 miles to the grocery store so that J would not starve while I am gone. I know his schedule will be very hectic and unpredictable while I am gone so grocery shopping is out...I ended up cutting a few things out of my day like dropping some stuff off at Goodwill, and having our heat pump serviced...there is only so much I can do in one day and the grocery trip ate all of the morning up.

Needless to say it is 11:41pm my time, J is not due to be here until 1am. I am done with everything except that I need to do a small amount of research in the morning for my paper and water all the outdoor plants one more time (because he won't remember to water them and it might actually get hot here while I am gone).

So now I am off to bed to read one of the books I picked up today for the trip (which I am not supposed to be reading until I get my paper done). It will be nice to sleep soundly tonight knowing that I have very little to do tomorrow before heading out. Hopefully we will get to the airport early for my flight so I can get an aisle seat all the way through. That will allow me to get some work done on my laptop on the flight. The inside seats are just too cramped for my laptop. We'll see, if not, I'll be reading research material, my book and working on a gift for my sister's birthday.

Hasta luego

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Mind Sprite said...

I'm with you on cleaning and tying up loose ends. Who wants to come home from a trip to a dirty house? Or be worrying "Did I pay the electric bill before I left???" the whole time.