Saturday, April 26, 2008


Wow, Friday was busy for me. I had a get together at a friend's where we made some awesome Mother's Day cards (although I'll keep most of them as examples to use to make more from to send to family). That lasted most of the day because we had some breakfast and lunch to consume as well. It was fun hanging out with some of my friends in a relaxed and fun environment.

In the evening, some of us were heading to a bunco party being hosted by a service organization we are close with. It was fun, but not quite what I was expecting. We had a good time of it though, we always do.

Later one, K and I had told a friend we would show up at their get together for a bit and we did. It was fun even though it was cold out and I wasn't really dressed for it. We were able to get in some people watching (drunk ones can always be very amusing). We hadn't seen our friend for several months so it was great to catch up and retell some of our hilarious stories. Now we have heard another friend might be in town in a few week so we might have to schedule some food or something....that would be great to catch up. We'll see what comes about...

Anyhow, I got home late and decided to sleep in a bit....and I was actually able to...miracle of miracles...haha.


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