Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beachin' It

Yesterday was the official season opener for the beach down three blocks from my house. I beat the traffic and parking mess by just walking for me.

I met some friends there and we watched the kids on the waterslide and tried to keep them from drowning when they came out. We had some lunch and just enjoyed being out in great weather that is not yet hot and humid....

I managed to keep from getting sunburned, just a bit of pink on the top of my feet but otherwise, I am good. This is great because usually the first day out in the sun here results in an uncomfortable few days afterwards.

There was a lot of seaweed on the beach, it smelled great. There was one man in a less busy part of the beach shoveling it up into his truck...he must use it for mulch or something because there was way too much sand intermixed and I don't think people eat this type much. It was not nori. I bet it makes his garden smell like the beach....what a great air freshener.

On the way back home, I saw a guy taking pictures (which I should have done more of) and he asked me in Japanese (which I only speak a few words of) if he could take my picture. This conversation was accompanied by hand motions and head nodding. He took my pic while I stood up on a big volcanic rock on my way back home. I would have loved to see how it turned out but probably never will...oh well, it was fun.


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just a girl said...

I used my heavy duty sunscreen in California but still haven't had to dig it out here yet.

Pretty photo. Did you take it?

One Wink at a Time said...

You DO realize how darn lucky you are, being able to walk to the beach?
*dripping with jealousy*
Your header is bee-yoo-tiful!

Mishka said...

Jag- I took the sunset and the header pictures. The sunset was from a few years ago but I couldn't find another appropriate beach picture for the post so I went with it. I took some cool beach shots yesterday though, and I intersperce them on some posts soon.

One Wink- I know that I am very lucky...this is the third time in my life that I have lived on an island and within walking distance of the beach. I love the beach and water (can do without the sand at times) and very thankful...maybe will have to mention that next Thursday...hmmm. I took the header picture one day while geocaching and I am thrilled at how it turned out. I wasn't sure it would be good because I had a hard time seeing the screen on my camera at the time. It was a cloudy day. Thanks so much for the compliments.

Chicken said...

ahhhh the beach how I miss it. We want to go to the coast soon but gas is really expensive so it will be a costly trip.

Joanne said...

I only remember maybe 2 of the beaches I went to when I was Okinawa. One I really remember because it was the first time I had ever been on a rocky beach. And there were A LOT of sea urchins so we were wearing tennis shoes.

Mishka said...

Joanne- sounds like you were at Maeda Point....very beautiful, big snorkeling and diving area. Very rocky and lots of sea urchins.