Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not Motivated

I am fighting the procrastination bug big time. I did finally manage to get to a store I have been meaning to visit for over a week, today. I got what I needed, now I just need to mail it. I was telling my mom via email this morning how I am getting bogged down because I can't just let something be a task....if I have two yardwork items to do, it becomes a project rather than just two items. Because it is elevated to project status, I tend to not start unless I have a huge block of time to tackle it in. I like to be done with it rather than have it sitting around half done (although the way I have been tackling projects subconsciously lately, you wouldn't believe this about me).

So, instead of repotting a few house plants today and then weedwacking the yard tomorrow and then weeding the front yard the next and planting some spring flowers and herbs the next, I just keep putting the whole thing off as a "yardwork project" until I have everything I could possibly need from the store and the weather to tackle it all at once....this can mean that it doesn't get done. I refuse to live this way anymore.

Right now, I am experiencing the 4pm I need to get off the computer and doing something physical so I can get past it. I have windows to clean outside and that would be another one that I have turned into a project rather than just doing a few at a time....grrr...sometimes my personality conflicts with my reasoning....and then none of us are happy.

Update- I did get some exercising, geocaching, yarding, and window washing in...none of it is complete but at least I made a dent in a few things...I guess I had a break-thru because doing a bit rather than all didn't kill me.


Chicken said...

Hey you get a lot more done than I do so don't beat yourself up. I understand about the project thing. Maybe you can make an effort to make little projects instead of big ones even though you don't have to. It may help break the cycle and change your perspective.

Haha said...

Do you remember how when I went to clean house I would do the whole house in one day, floors, windows, washing etc. I now wish I had been doing just a little and having more fun instead. It is a satisfaction drive that type A personalities have in order to have a sense of accomplishment. You can do just some and feel great, but enjoy your world too! I fight with the urge on anything I do, but I am learning to control it and not let it control me. sorry darling, you must have inherited that bit of dna from your mom!

Mishka said...

Thanks for the clarification I know where I get it from...haha.

In actuality, since I mentioned it here and in my email to you, I have been taking it bits at at time, and making quite a bit of headway...I think I just needed to get it out and then remember that when I feel it coming on again...haha.