Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Fun

Well, I got my pumpkins least the scary ones, and I put them out last night. I haven't gotten pictures of them lit up...will try to do that tonight but here is a pic of them on our hearth before I set them outside. J did the skull and I did the spider. I thought they came out pretty well.

We ended up at the last minute heading over to a friend's house for the night. She has a son who is 4 and another one of our friends with 3 kids was coming over too so we decided to make a night of it. My friend L dressed up at Aurora, the princess from Sleeping Beauty because that is what her son decided she should be (he is on a dragon kick right now). He was dressed up as dinosaur from the jurassic period called an Allosaur. His outfit was very cute. Her husband was a sorceror of some sort.

I wore my lion costume (one of the few ones I have that I can keep warm in) and my friend JB was in a witch costume. Her oldest daughter was a witch too, the middle one was Aurora and the youngest (7 weeks old) was in a little ghost and goblin outfit. I have covered up the faces to protect the innocent and since I was the one taking pics, I am not in any of them....haha.

We had some pizza and opened the door to lots of trick or treaters and then did some trick or treating ourselves. One of the last houses we went to was very spooky, they did a terrific job of decorating it up. The porch was all dark and there was a sign with black light reading "Take Only One". We bent down to get the little ones some candy and this guy jumped out of the dark and scared the crud out of the kids...I saw him coming so I didn't scream like I would have had I not known. The kids (both 3 and 4) almost ran and then started to cry a bit. We left that house and the rest of the night, they talked about how they didn't want to go to any more spooky houses....

Well, that is it folks, I better run, still have to get black nail polish off my nails. Today is the last nice day for us for a while so I have to get in the yard and make some headway.

(Blogger is being lame and not letting me get the other two photos on here...I will try again later)


Chicken said...

Cool! We never got to our pumpkins :-(. I guess I can put them in the yard for looks.

Anonymous said...

Nice pumpkins.

I do not get the fun in scaring the crap out of little kids. I think it's kind of mean myself.

Mind Sprite said...

We didn't get around to carving our pumpkins either. Maybe they'll last until Thanksgiving as decorations.

Sounds like a fun night!