Sunday, November 05, 2006


I had a sucky game at soccer today...I play soccer for two reasons, exercise and fun. Today was not fun, but fortunately I played the entire thing so at least I got the exercise part in, huh?

First off, the team we were playing were a bunch of freaking couldn't touch them without them falling on the ground crying, grabbing some body part. It was pathetic. I figure if you can't handle playing a contact sport, then you need to get off the field.

So in the first half, there was some miscommunication between one of our defenders and our keeper and we basically gave the other team a goal...they didn't even have to work for it. I know the girls involved felt horrible but a goal is a goal.

In the second half, we were playing "hurry up offense" and the other team seemed to use all their "injuries" as away to waste time off the clock so we couldn't get a score in. I mean seriously, near the end of the second half they had 5 injuries in a 7 minutes was ridiculous and completely frustrating for me.

I didn't shake hands with the other team because I felt like they played underhandenly and their spectators were nothing but a bunch of @ssholes. Forget that they are all supposed to be adults and act more mature than they did. I wonder if they would ever even think about how embarrassing they were being to themselves. I didn't say anything to them because it would have just given them fuel for the fire.

I left the field completely pissed off and irritated. I didn't even stay long enough to take off my gear, I just changed my cleats for tennies and headed out. I drove the long way so I could cool off before getting home. It sucked but at least I got some calories burned.


Violet said...

Definitely stick with the positive spin that at least you got your exercise. My little brother plays soccer and I am always so impressed with the talent soccer players have; I would spend the entire game on my ass. Well, that is, for the ten minutes that I would even have the endurance to play.

Scaramouche Jones said...


Mishka said...

SJ- Soccer shoes that are for grass fields are called cleats because they have cleats on the bottoms. If we are wearing ones for indoor fields or turf fields, they are called turf shoes because they don't or if they do, they are very short little rubber nubs...just a quirky American thing, I guess.