Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back To The Grindstone

Well the nice little 3 day break I had is over....I am back to the schoolwork. I have one more comment at a minimum to make on our brainstorming conference. I need to final draft my paper and start research for our group case study analysis assignment.

With all of this, you would think I would be busy researching or something, but instead, I am sitting on the family room floor with the wind and rain pounding away outside, updating my address books and working on my Christmas card list for this year.

All I can say, is at least I am getting something done and not just wasting the day completely, but I am going to be hurting to get at the school work in the next few days so my group mates don't kill me and I don't end up stressing too much.

At this point, my electronic, hardcopy and email address books are all up to date and I have figured out how many cards I have to make before too long.


Chicken said...

At least you are doing something. When I take a break it is to watch basketball or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you are doing Christmas cards, that is waaaaay more productive than I usually am during the holiday season. And I guarantee that while I was in school, I didn't write out cards OR do my school work.