Thursday, November 09, 2006

She's Coming

In a few hours, I get to head to the airport to pick up my little sis, who is actually taller than me (and has been since she was 15 or so). We only have a weekend, but we are going to make the best of it. She has never been out this far East (well, actually she has been to Japan when I lived there, but she went west to get there...haha), so we are going to hit the beach tomorrow so she can check out the Atlantic coast a bit.

I didn't fly out this fall to the West coast like I usually do so this trip of hers is making up for the time we would have if I had come that way. I am glad she decided to come because I don't think I could have gone a year without seeing her...that would be too long for sure. Even when I was in Japan, we never went a year without seeing each other. I flew to the West coast every 6 months to deal with our house and visit family and she came out to visit me twice.

Anyhow, it should be a fun weekend. Hopefully neither of us will be thinking about schoolwork we have looming over our heads and we'll just be able to enjoy the time off and together. Hasta luego folks...I have sh1t to do before she gets here!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute pic.

Have a great weekend.

Mishka said...

Fight was cancelled...she is coming in later now....grrr.

Violet said...

Sorry about the flight delay... Hopefully, she'll make it in quickly! Somebody probably tried to bring some anti-bacterial hand cleanser in their carry-on.

A walk on the beach sounds nice. Too bad we don't really have beaches in the midwest.

Mind Sprite said...

I hope Chicken made it safe and sound and that you gals have a great weekend! I know you will savor every minute of your visit :)

Oh, and if you read this, tell her I am bored silly without anyone to talk to at work! lol

Haha said...

Fun Fun Fun two sisters together!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though I fight my brother all the time, I don't think I could take a few months without seeing him.