Saturday, November 04, 2006

Strange But Comforting

The other afternoon, J and I were sitting on the family floor taking a little midafternoon nap. The way naps work for me ( a lot of the time), is that I feel very tired, so I lay down and doze off. If I am woken up after about 15 minutes, I can't go back to sleep but still feel very rested. J, on the other hand, can keep sleeping if he wants, the small "wake up" doesn't affect him like it does me. If I sleep longer than the 15 minutes, I often waken feeling a bit groggy and tired.

Anyhow on this particular day, for some reason, we had fallen to sleep with our heads together. I don't remember falling completely asleep (I felt aware of my surroundings but I was also dreaming). In the dream, I was talking with him and I made some kind of joke. In real life, J laughed, which woke me up completely (it was about 15 minutes anyway). I don't know if it was just a coincidence or if having our heads that close together allowed us to share a dream, but it was kind of weird.

Then the following morning, I decided I was going to make a bigger breakfast for the two of us (usually we eat cereal or toast). My standard weekend breakfast is fried potatoes with onions, bellpepper and eggs, that we usually eat in flour tortillas with salsa and sour cream. I came to making these breakfasts because when we first got married (15 years ago), I found out that J didn't like eggs scrambled with nothing in them. I started making them with lots of stuff in them and wrapping them in tortillas so we could eat them on the go. Sometimes I worry that I make it too often and we don't have enough variation on breakfast.

Anyhow, that morning, I had mentioned to him that I was going to make breakfast so he wouldn't eat any cereal by mistake. I went about making our bed, and doing my usual morning routine (which, when I am alone, means I don't usually eat, right off). I had decided without telling J that I was going to make pancakes and fried eggs instead of the usual. By the time I got into the kitchen, J was already preparing breakfast and he was making pancake and eggs....isn't that weird? I told him that I had thought I would make that, and we both chuckled.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we are so perfectly tuned that we can sense each other's feelings and thoughts (as nice as that might be sometimes)...if it was a regular occurence, I definitely wouldn't be commenting on it here. The fact that we had two weird little things in two days is what made me notice. I guess we were just synchronized that weekend for some reason.


Ashley said...

I think that's so amazing. That you have sucha great connection

I'm so jealous!

Haha said...

Diamond ring for my birthday...Diamond ring for my birthday....Diamond ring for my birthday...LOL