Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Countertops Again

Well, the tear out is over...I need to take a picture for my project documentary but right now I have to run to Lowe's and Hellmart before they come back with the new countertops.

It turns out that the idiots that put in the last countertops (or perhaps it was the very first people that put in countertops in this house) cut them wrong and ended up punching out the drywall on one end of the kitchen to make them fit....idiots.

Anyhow, I am half tempted to put a note back there that it wasn't us that did this so that when someone replaces the countertops some day in the future, they don't think we were the funny would that be to find?

Needless to say, as soon as they left to go back to the shop to cut the new countertops, I broke out the vacuum and cleaned up all the construction debris from 30 years ago that was still behind the cabinets....I don't understand how they can just put stuff together and not clean up first. Both sides of the cabinets have these open spots in the far corners and there was just piles of sawdust and drywall crumbs in there. Oh, and the idiots that cut the drywall to fit the countertop they messed up in just left the pieces of drywall in the wall in of course you know that is gone now too because I just couldn't let it stay there.

Oh well, it is clean now and I better run before they come back to put the new stuff in. So much for schoolwork today, huh?


P'nut said...

It's actually a very common solution to the problem as most houses are no longer "square" once they've settled. That's why renos can be sooo much fun. We had to do the same thing for my sister's kitchen reno (but we cleaned it all up before everything was put in place permanently).

Mishka said...

The countertop people here seemed to think that it was very weird and that if they had been doing the job, they would have cut the countertops to fit instead of damaging the walls...