Thursday, November 02, 2006

Haha, and Chicken got me addicted to this site. The main page has several links to various webcams but this button is to the Nkorho Pan webcam which is near a natural watering hole in Africa. You can check out some great wildlife images and the sounds alone are worth the visit.

I made a button for two of my blogs using their logo on their main page (I emailed them first to make sure it was okay). If you want the html code to add the button to your blog, let me know.

Nkorho Pan Webcam


Chicken said...

Send me the code please. I'm totally addicted now.

Mind Sprite said...

Chicken's going to have to show me how to do the code thing. I think it's time for another tutoring session.

And I'm totally hooked too!

Violet said...

Very cool... But it is nighttime there now... I'll have to go back later.

Mishka said...

Even at night you can check out some cool things. Some of the animals only come out at night. I saw a hyena the other day during their nighttime.

Their site was having problems earlier and then when it came back up the picture was fuzzy and the sound was terrible but I have heard that they are back up and running.