Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cr@p, Cr@p, Cr@p

A while back, I lugged all of our teak patio furniture around the house and into the garage so I could oil the pieces and put them back out on the patio. The wood has to be very dry before you oil it and it can't get wet again until it sets or it just stays tacky forever. Normally not a huge deal, but for some reason, it is taking a lot of time this year. I tend to do it once a year to keep it looking nice and not greyed out and dry.

I got most of the table done and two chairs one afternoon. I left them in the garage with the other two chairs to dry because we were getting rain the following day. Well some time goes by and the husband wants or needs to do something in the garage...the table looks done for the most part (I only had the legs left to do) so he moves (without asking me first if I was done) the table and the two chairs that are done back onto the patio. Normally, I would be thankful for not having to carry them myself, but since I wasn't done with the table, I was a bit irritated. Since then, I have been waiting for a day that is 2 or 3 days after the last rain (so the table will be dry enough), that will not be followed by rain the next day (so it will be set) so I can finish the legs on the table. Mix this with trying to fit it in with my school schedule and you have my dilemna. Oh, and don't forget that you can't do this when it is cold...the oil will never set if it is cold.

Well this week, my first week to breathe at all (and I do have school work to do, just nothing as big as a paper) was supposed to be my "get things I have been putting off for this paper, done" week, and today was supposed to be my day to do that table. We haven't had rain in a few days, the humidity level has been low so I figure the table is nice and dry. We aren't supposed to get rain again until Thursday and it is supposed to be in the mid 70's today and tomorrow...perfect window, right?

Except that as I have am sitting here, the entire sky has clouded over and it looks like it might rain....grrr. Damn weather channel. They don't know what the hell they are saying. Guess I will be lugging that table back to the garage for a few days or I will never get this thing done.

Note: we are supposed to be back down into the 30s at night by the weekend....I have to move quick or I will never get this task accomplished.


Anonymous said...

Thwarted by the weather caster!

Mishka said...

Yes, but thankfully, I got the table moved to the garage and will finish it up today...the other two chairs have been in the garage the whole time so they are nice and dry...have to get it in today before the weather turns south on me...haha.