Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Year in Review

Borrowed this one from Chatty...if you want to do the same, you just post the first sentence from the first post of each month for the here goes.


Well, the comment section has changed recently so everything I had previously posted here is not relevant any longer.


I just love these cards.


At least where I am living it has... I actually broke out a pair of shorts from the "summer clothes" tote and wore them and my sandals all day.


As I mentioned before, we are not great fans of the construction going on across the street.


Wow, the UK is getting as bad as the US with complaints...come on, bad manners and insults to handicap people? Are they serious?


I am an is only 14 days...I guess I just can't read a all hope is not lost, they could hatch this weekend.


I finally just watched the Aviator, which I have had from Netflix for some time now.


I purchased 3 pots of Stargazer Lillies today at Lowe's.


It irks me that I can't see a decent game on Sunday because I am forced to watch the "local" game due to NFL television restrictions....I think it is crap that they do that, and it makes me just turn the NFL off completely.


I saw part of a show on Animal Planet the other day, and there was a segment on snow monkeys.


While I love the fact that we can post pictures to our blogs on Blogger now without as much hassle as before, I have learned that I must be careful in what I name them.

Well, that is it last post of 2005 and it wasn't nearly as exciting or fun as I thought it would be. I guess my really good posts are all later in the month...haha. It might have worked better for me to post the last sentence from the last post each month.