Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Full Feeling

I just love this stuff.
I just had a terrific lunch of sushi, miso soup and ocha (hot green tea) at a local Japanese restaurant. I drank much too much was so good and warm, and I was busy reading, not thinking about how much I was drinking.

I guess I better get out and walk before I fall asleep. It isn't very warm out but I need the exercise and there is an elusive geocache near my home that I could try to find...hmmmm. I can't stand sitting around when I feel full...much better to get out and get some fresh air even if it is only in the 30's. I'll just bundle up, I guess.

Supposed to be freezing rain tonight so if I am going to get a soak in the hot tub in later, I probably will have to do it early as holding the umbrella while in the hot tub only works when it is warm enough that the hand outside of the water doesn't freeze.


Chicken said...

Um now I'm hungry for that...and I want it right now!

Mishka said...

I like this little place. It is not too far from me, and the staff is actually Japanese (a rarity around these here parts), and so I can use what little Japanese I know while I am there.

Today, there were some idiot tourists from California in there...and I was just laughing at them because they thought they knew the correct way to do things and totally didn't...he even thought Yakisoba was a soup dish....haha.