Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Two Suns

Today when I was out driving to my first geocache and some exercise, I noticed that there were two suns in the sky. I pulled over the car and took some pictures with my camera.

In the picture you can see the real sun peaking out from behind the trees on the right, and then in the middle there was this second "sun" with a rainbow coming off of it. It really was pretty cool to see, and I am glad I had the camera with me and the photos came out as well as they did (I thought the real sun would mess the whole shot up).


Chicken said...

That's awesome. Do you know what that actually is?

Mishka said...

No, I am assuming that there were some clouds that had a lot of moisture in them that were reflecting the sunlight, but I thought it was cool how it made a definite bright spot.

Mind Sprite said...

Cool picture! I love light effects like that.

jestjuggle said...

Cool pic!!

Looks like you are like us enjoying everything you see while caching and while travelling to and from caches.

Mike and Barb