Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Ornaments

Here are some pics of the extra ornaments I picked up the other day. The star is a gift for someone in J's family. The rest are on our tree. They have some awesome butterflies, different birds, and all sorts of other things. She says that they always carry them so I will get more next year.

Cloisonnè Star that I got for a gift.

The Star

Thought I better get a couple of the traditional looking Cloisonnè eggs. These ones are pretty small and they are for our tree.

The Eggs

Not a great picture of the hummingbird one but my other picture that was more centered came out fuzzy. This is one I bought for our tree.

The Hummingbird

Our new topper for the big tree. It is made of a thin glass and it has lights behind it that plug into the strand on the tree.

The Topper


J.a.G. said...

they really are nice aren't they??

Mind Sprite said...

I love the star. There's no way I could give that one away ;)