Thursday, December 01, 2005

Learned My Lesson

While I love the fact that we can post pictures to our blogs on Blogger now without as much hassle as before, I have learned that I must be careful in what I name them.

I have been getting a million hits on my blog because of one picture I posted a while back. Now don't get me wrong, I love that I am getting the hits and perhaps even some regular readers from it but if my site meter is correct at all, most people are just looking for the picture and when they don't find it first thing, they move on.

See, when I loaded the picture, I just kept the file name that it had from where ever I got it from, so now when people do a Google image search with two particular words in it, my picture is the first that comes up. Downside to Google listing our images on their search is that when a person clicks on the picture to see full size, it takes them to the blog but not to the spot they want, just to the first/current front page of the blog. This picture in question is actually in an archive these days because I wrote about it ages ago.

So the things I have learned are 1. make sure to change the image file name to something nondescript, and 2. when I am doing image searches of my own, ignore the ones that are listed as being on blogs because more than likely they are not on the front page anymore.

On another note, my weirdest search words so far that have found my blog are "monkey" "ticks"....don't know what they were looking for but I am sure the story I wrote about the grooming practices of snow monkeys was not it...

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Dave Morris said...

Uh... I can totally relate. I get about 100 hits a month on my blog from people (please God, let them all be women) who are searching for the term "guys masturbating." All because of a goofy picture I posted a couple of months ago.

Ah, the price of illustrations.