Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Heat Pumps

They are not made for cold weather. They work great as an air conditioner and in moderately cool temperatures, but when it gets to be freezing, they just don't work that well.

I keep mine at a relatively low temp, even when I am home, but last night, for some reason (maybe that it was in the 20s), it would not bring the house up above 67 degrees. Usually that is okay, but last night I just wanted it to be a tad warmer in here. I had already done my warming up soak in the hot tub earlier in the evening, and I just wanted to be a bit toasty before getting into bed.

No such luck. When I went to bed, I turned it back down to 60 degrees like I usually do, and I am sure it was outside thanking me for giving it a break. Oh well, after a few minutes under the down comforter, I was warm anyhow.


Mind Sprite said...

You need a heated electric mattress pad. Trust me, they are heaven. Crank that bad boy up a half hour before climbing into bed and it will be all toasty. They are on sale cheap at!

Mishka said...

Yeah, but would they catch my futon on fire????