Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Some New Ornaments

Here are some pics of a few of the new ornaments I got this year to fill out our tree. None of these are the "year's new ornament"...I haven't taken a picture of that one yet for some reason.

Had to use the flash on some of these as my digital camera is not as cool as J's and it is hard to get it to focus in the house without the flash....ugh!!

This is similar to the Chinese ornament eggs that are popular. The tail is jointed. The Dragonfly

I have a red one like this too but the flash really killed the shot of it. The Blue Santa

A little puppet Nutcracker...they always look a little scary to me.

The Nutcracker

I got two of these old fashioned snowmen too. The Snowman

My second of the Chinese-like Cloisonnè ornaments. This one is a seahorse who has a jointed tail. The Seahorse

I really like the Cloisonnè ones the best, and then the old fashioned ones are pretty cool too. The place I got most of them from is a nursery. It has a separate building called the Christmas House/Store, and it is filled from top to bottom in ornaments. It is actually a bit overwhelming. They are hanging from trees and garland all over the place. You worry that you might bump and break something. Every subject under the sun is covered by an ornament in that place. There is a section for the different types too. I might have to go back and get more of the Cloisonnè ones because I just think they look so unique.

I'll post pics of the tree itself and some of the other decor later, right now, I have to get my butt in gear and get some stuff done....the clock is ticking.


Mind Sprite said...

I love the sea horse one. It's so colorful and unique! Very pretty :)

Chicken said...

Those are great...I'm with FS love the dragonfly and the seahorse.

Mishka said...

Went back to the Christmas Cottage today to get another ornament as a gift and ended up with 4 more for my tree as well...just love those Chinese ones...maybe next year I'll do ornaments for everyone..they are light and easy to ship too!!!