Thursday, December 05, 2013

POTD Day 5 In The Cupboard

We have one full double cabinet that contains ingredients for the various Asian food I like to cook (mostly Thai and Japanese). There are two really good Asians markets about 4 hours from here so I tend to stock up when I need to.

We have a case and a half of Chaokok coconut milk and a 25 lb of Thai Jasmine rice, along with sticky rice, sushi rice, rice stick, soba and somen noodles, spices packets, roasted rice mix, and frozen lemongrass, peppers, and lime leaves. There are tubs full of curry, and jars full of soup base and chili paste. I like knowing that cabinet is full.

I love having the opportunity to make some of my favorite food whenever I want to. There are a few things that I would love to eat that I don't have ingredients for, like Soki Soba but I do have plans to try my best to make it someday.

We have a couple of good sushi places in the area that also make a fair amount of other popular Japanese and Korean food, however authentic Thai food is harder to find. We do have a good Vietnamese pho and banh mi restaurant which definitely makes life would be cool to nail down a few other favorites, that is for sure.

Took this with my Fuji Finepix F50, no flash with macro enabled. I edited it in GIMP 2.6 using auto correct for color and light and then added the fuzzy border.

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Charyl Ray said...

Next time we are in CP, I'll treat you to Thai Garden...pretty good fare, reasonable, but TINY place! Best Hot Pot ever!