Monday, December 02, 2013

POTD Day 2 Where I Stood

I was thinking about doing a scenic pic for this image requirement. But the weather today was rainy and kind of closed in, so I thought I would do something a bit more literal.

My yardwork for the last six weeks has mostly been about leaves. We have two oak trees that drop in our yard (one on our property and from the neighbors), and this year in particular has been a very heavy acorn and leaf year. On top of that we have three fruit trees that drop leaves too. Good thing raking is good exercise!

So for this pic, I thought I would take a pic of my feet standing in the midst of a pile of leaves I still need to rake. If you have seen any of my other pics, I take a lot of pics of my feet, in different situations. My sister started the trend and I started taking pics of my feet on our travels for her, and now I just take pics of my feet for me. So here are my feet in my mary jane toyah Keens with my Smartwool stripey socks surrounded by oak leaves.

I took this pic under cloudy/rainy skies, with my Finepix F50, no flash, and used GIMP 2.6 to auto correct color and light, and added a fuzzy border.

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