Wednesday, December 04, 2013

POTD Day 4 Tiny

The idea behind the picture for today was pretty easy at first thought, but I did keep my eye open the entire day just in case something else would just grab me. I had a tiny bit of running around to do. One of the items was to check our mail box which contained a couple of nice surprises: the Christmas stamps I ordered so I can mail cards, and then a perfectly wrapped gift from one of my dear friends. Both things made me smile.

Next stop was the local hardware store to get something for the sidewalks in case we get a lot of snow or ice in the next few days. Then a quick coffee and a stop at the bagel shop to get a lox sandwich for lunch...yum, yum!

These ornaments in the pic are all very tiny...the balls are smaller than a dime and the penquins and girls are less than inch in height. These tiny ornaments adore the small live Christmas tree that I will decorate next week (I don't bring it in too early, because I want it to stay alive).

I took this pic with my Fuji Finepiix F50, no flash, macro used. I autocorrected it for color and light and then added a fuzzy border in GIMP 2.6.

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