Sunday, December 01, 2013

POTD Day 1 Red

Some friends of mine have been doing a Photo Of The Day project for the month of November and a new one started today for December and I decided I would play along.

We are going off the list from Fat Mum Slim's blog post, at least until we reach the 12 days of Christmas where it might change to something else for those 12 days.

I really thought I was going to get some holiday decorating knocked out today, so I thought that getting a pic for Red was going to be a piece of cake. While I did get the decorations out and organized, the actual decorating didn't start today because there were a few other things on the list with higher priorities.

Then as I was looking across the room, thinking about my To Do list in general, I spotted my wristgators that my sister got me a few years ago that I wear whenever my hands feel a bit chilly. I realized that they actually would make a great Red pic and the story behind them would be even better for me than a pic of Christmas decor would be.

So here is my pic for Red, taken with macro turned on, with my Fuji Finepix F50, no flash. I edited in GIMP 2.6 for auto color and light adjust along with a fuzzy border add. It just worked out that I was enjoying a fire tonight too.

Two Years Ago on In My Words...Shutter Sisters For December (another photo project I have done)

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