Tuesday, December 10, 2013

POTD Day 10 R Is For

I love to READ...anyone that knows me IRL or is friends with me on Goodreads, knows this...but there are times when I get behind, or get myself spread too thin and then reading almost becomes an item that needs to be added to the To Do list. This is not a good thing...because I love reading and I don't want it to ever be a chore (unless I am doing it for school and then that is completely acceptable...LOL).

Right now, I have listed that I am reading 5 books on Goodreads even though I have actually only started on three of them, and I have one magazine subscription...however, I get magazines from other places (friends, family, etc) and I am way behind on the magazine reading.

This can be easily explained...I read before bed on my Nook primarily. I do this because I don't have to have any other light with the Nook so it is super easy and convenient. When I take soaks in the bath, I usually tackle magazines, and I sometimes put a magazine in my messenger bag if I know I will be waiting somewhere and don't want to carry my Nook with me. Thing is, that lately, I have been reading a few books in hardback and so the magazines have been bumped from the tub soaks. Today I picked up a book I have had reserved at the library for a while...and because it is rented, I have to bump it to the top of the list.

These magazines have been sitting on our livingroom floor since last week because I was determined to make one day a "magazine catch up day"...and that has just not happened. I will get to them, and it will be soon...because I really don't want reading to become a chore and having these sitting here are making me feel like I am not tackling things on the To Do list.

I took this image with my Fuju Finepix f50 with no flash and macro turned on. I edited it in GIMP 2.6 to auto correct for color and light and then added the fuzzy border.

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