Monday, February 18, 2008

Yardwork Kick Butt

Well, I got out there and got more than I thought I was going to do done. I was just planning on weedwacking our little patch of backyard (easier than bring out the mower) but I found these awesome choppers in our yard bin that I had forgotten about and that gave me ideas.

First I took out too large branches of the plant that grows in our garden off the bathroom that has the tub in it. They were getting too big and needed to go. I threw them over the wall to gather later. Next I went out the side gate and cut back all the vines coming over from the neighbors. I planned to cut down these little sucker trees that we have growing along the fence but when I got over to them, not only were three of them too big for me to cut, the way they were spaced, they started to look intentional so I will talk to the rental company first. I also discovered now that they are bigger that they are papaya if they are intentional, I will be thrilled to have them in the yard.

I swept up leaves and debris and bagged it up, and then I weeded before I hit the backyard with the weedwacker. Finally I raked and bagged up all the stuff and hosed off our back step (that was covered with grass from the weedwacking).

My arm muscles hurt a bit today (shows how weak I have gotten), but I know it was for a good cause and now when I open the blinds in my bedroom each morning, I see a nicely cut yard, instead of the mess I had going.


SORTofBLOG said...

Bowling burns a lot of calories. Unless you're like me and use beer to improve your game. :)

Haha said...

Good job Sweetie. I can hardly wait for spring to get my hands dirty, although I should get out there and trim up a few things.

Chicken said...

Papaya trees. Very cool.

Mind Sprite said...

Good work! We were out in the yard yesterday too. Got the front yard cleaned up and cut back and got the veggie garden prepared. I had to move around some onions and leeks and even planted asparagus! I need to find the spaple gun to put up some netting and then the peas will go in.

It was sooooo good to be outside in the sunshine and be productive!

Any chance we could see a picture of the back yard?