Thursday, February 21, 2008

Toenail Woes

GROSS WARNING!!!! I am warning you, my toenail woes are a bit gross...

A while back, I rolled over my big toe on my right foot with the back motion on the vacuum. At the time it hurt like a bitch but I didn't think much of it. Well, apparently, it damaged my toenail quite a bit, but only on the left side. When I took my polish off a few weeks ago, you could see some discoloration on my toenail but it looked like it was going to be okay eventually.

Now it has started to grow out and because a new healthy nail is growing under it, the part that is damaged is starting to lift off. Problem is, it is only on half of my nail so the right side of the nail is completely fine all the way from cuticle to edge. This poses a problem. It is not like I can just cut the damaged part off and not leave a jagged edge that might get caught on something. I have tried filing down the edges to keep them from snagging but since I don't trust it and I can't have the entire thing just get ripped off my toe, I started wearing a piece of tape over it. I am hoping that it will keep it from getting snagged but will not keep it from continuing to grow so at some point I can cut the damaged part off.

So I look like a bonehead with a piece of tape on my big toe but since it is nice, I mean really nice weather today, I can't not go in bonehead I will be I guess for the time being. My friend is trying to get me to go to a pedicure with her soon (which I have never done before) and I really think I should wait until the new healthy part gets long enough that I can take the damaged part point in paying to paint the damaged part, especially if I am going to cover it with tape...haha.


Chicken said...

OUCH! My boss was telling be about how he was running Hood to Coast and his toe nails fell off. He said it hurt like hell.

You will love the pedi. I wish I could get one every month. Just make sure they don't try to use a cheese grater looking thing, some places try to do that and it is totally unsanitary.

Mind Sprite said...

I'm sure nobody will notice the tape on your toe because they will be too busy enjoying the beautiful day.

I think you'll love a pedicure, but you're probably better off waiting until your toenail heals.

Haha said...

You are such a crafty person, I bet you could paint that bandage to match toenail polish on your other nails! Ssshhhhh,,,no one needs to know it is not your real toenail. LOL

<---That Girl said...

yow. I'm in a similar boat...dropped a heavy toy on my toenail though. Thankfully only the top portion is flaking off, but it's dark and lumpy, not lovely.
On the same toe I got a weird kind of fungus that does nothing but lift your nail from the bed painlessly. I wondered why the white of my nail was getting bigger & bigger at the corner!
I didn't cut it back because I wanted "uniform nails" but had to once I found out it was fungus and I was creating a breeding ground for the fungus-gross!You may keep that in mind while you have that loose nail, keeping it dry etc... Mine's almost grown all the way out now thanks to daily dousings of Tea Tree oil. It's been a long road. Here's hoping yours heals quickly!