Sunday, February 10, 2008

The To Do List February

Well, since I feel like I have been making some headway in my taskings, I thought I would put up my list from the beginning of this month and see how it looks.

1. Taxes
2. Filing
3. Quilt Squares
4. Pillow covers
5. Photos for Gma
6. Yardwork
7. Wireless network
8. Cutting hair
9. Washing car
10. Bleaching teeth
11. Reorganizing harddrives
12. Scarf for Sonia
13. Color hair

As you can see, along with my daily crap, I still have a ways to go but at least I am tackling things....


Mind Sprite said...

Glad you're making headway on your list. I need a list, but I'm afraid it will depress me too much :P

Oh for Gma! We still haven't put together the photo album we were going to send Mr Sprite's Gma for Christmas.

I keep thinking I should make him do it and refuse to do it for him. But I know it will never get done that way. {sigh} Men!!!

Mishka said...

I got bogged down yesterday when I got to the instructions and warranty part of my filing...whizzed right through the credit card part but have to finish up this part before I can do taxes because some of the receipts I need are in this section....