Friday, February 01, 2008

Ebi Filet

I had never even heard of this, but if you read my fitness blog at all, you will know that on Friday night, I ended up at McDonald's (because the people I was with wanted to eat there). I decided to try this sandwich because I thought it might not be as bad for me as some of the other options (and it wasn't), and because it was different. McD's is known for having regional food depending on where their stores are and this apparently is one of the regional things for McD's in Japan.

It is a shrimp filet sandwich. Called Ebi Filet. It was very good and I felt better about eating it over my other options (Big Mac's have never tasted as good as they do in Asia, but they still have a ton of calories). I was thrilled to get home and find out that the sandwich was not that bad on calories and that I now have another option to a grilled chicken sandwich when I eat at McD's (which is rare to none).


Kat said...

I heard the serving sizes are smaller at Asian McDonald's too. I don't eat at McDonald's either but the shrimp sounds quite tasty.

Haha said...

It's nice to know you have another alternative. If I go to McDonalds for a quick pick up lunch, I get their Asian salad or grilled chicken salad. I love the little grape tomatoes and they use Paul Newman Dressing and I enjoy supporting his products. His popcorn is tasty too!