Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Making Soup

Picture credit goes to bbcgoodfood.comI am making one of my favorite Thai/Vietnamese soups on Friday for a bunch of my friends. I basically told them when the food would be ready and people can come and go as they please and to what fits their schedule for the day.

This is the soup I made when my mom came out to visit and since we are having the weather that matches "winter" for us (high 50s at night and low 60s during the day), I figured this would be a good time for it. I hope that everyone likes it.

I got the filing done just in time to get the living room cleaned up and presentable, and I'll get some errands and cleaning done tomorrow so I won't be stressed at all. I'll pick up the last fresh ingredients on Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning so they are nice and fresh. I need to pick the basil out of my yard and get it washed and prepped and double check that I have everything I need for the soup on hand....I'll definitely need more soup base after this round, that is for sure.


Just a Girl said...

That looks yummy!

Chicken said...

Okay I want some RIGHT NOW! I love that soup.

Haha said...

Oh how I wish I could sit at your table with you and eat that delicious soup! Please don't tell J that you made it, he will be jealous too! LOL

Mind Sprite said...

Wish I could come to lunch, too. That sounds yummy and a fun afternoon to boot!