Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Answering Machine

I found out the other day, quite by accident, that a couple of my friends have ones that work just fine here and they are also American made (not really but at least sold in America). So I decided to get an American phone/answering machine and see if that would be my answer. When we lived here last time, you couldn't use American phones because the frequency was the same as the emergency services, but this time, the phones are at a different frequency so they sell them all over the place.

So I will put my 900 mHz Sony cordless phone away for a while (probably in the same place I have my ATT digital answering machine), and will use my new Uniden phone w/answermachine and two handsets for now. I am currently only charging the one handset for now so I can see how the reception is in this house (the other phone can't be used everywhere because of our thick concrete steel reinforced walls). If I can use it all over, then I'll find a spot for the other base station and charge the second handset up as well....this new phone is 5.8GHz so it might be a much stronger signal...we'll have to see.

The reason for this rabbling post is that I wanted to announce to the world that I have an answering machine at home now!!!! Yeah!!!!!

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Haha said...

I hope it works for you sweetie. I want to get a new phone to as the one we have is not very powerful and I would like to have the base set and two handsets. Uniden makes one, but I will go online and check them out first. Let us know about your reception. We live in a tin box, so we also have reception issues.