Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eating Soup

Okay, the soup has gone really well but I still have tons of it. I am hoping to have a few more friends over today for lunch and be able to put it away for good. For sure, I'll be eating it for lunch and dinner. I'll try to get a shot of one of my bowls full before it gets eaten...they are 100 yen bowls that I love. I want to get more of the bowls but I haven't found them in a while at the store (I got them when we lived here last time). On Friday morning, I was able to find "paper" bowls to use in case I ran out of mine (I only have 4 of these really big soup bowls) but I ended up being able to wash them as people came and went and we never had to use the "paper" ones.

Along with my soup, we had a birthday party for one of my friends at the bowling alley on Friday. My bowling sucks, especially since I haven't done it in ages but I did okay on Friday night. At least I broke 100 in the last two games...haha. We had a lot of fun, being goofy and laughing. I have some great video of the girls but I wouldn't be that mean to put it on the web...although I did threaten that. Some of it is very dark too because at 9pm they turned off the lights and turned on the black lights.

Anyhow, this week has completely messed up my eating log for Finding My Happy Medium, but on Monday, I am starting with a strict program anyhow. Not changing my food too much (although Valentine candy will be out), but I will be getting some exercise in even if I have to do it in the rain and cold. I want to be fitter when it gets warm so I can go to the beach without feeling like I am going to scare away the tourists. I already eat pretty healthy (minus the Valentine candy) but I am not currently getting enough exercise in and that is going to change tomorrow.

So it is back on the bandwagon in many areas for me....still have the taxes to knockout and plan to get some yardwork in today but I also have decided to do some hanging plants in the yard this spring and I'll have to get started on that pretty soon as well.


Chicken said...

I have to get back on track with the food again. I ate pizza this weekend :-( We can do it together!

Mind Sprite said...

I had a bad week foodwise, too and am getting back on the band wagon this week.

move over, will ya?!?

Haha said...

Any way you could send me a bowl of the leftover soup? You must have made bunches, because I would have went back for seconds and then thirds later in the evening! LOL