Monday, February 11, 2008

Rash Attack

I have a rash under my chin and on my neck on the left side. It is typical contact dermatitus for me but I don't know what I got it from. Usually I only get it from poison oak or ivy....but I think I might have gotten this from my poinsettia plant I have in my kitchen. I was pinching off some leaves on Wednesday and I am thinking that maybe I don't like the sap for some reason. I have never had a reaction from poinsettia before and I am not allergic to latex or anything like that so I am not sure what is going on. I wish I knew for sure that it was the poinsettia so I could just beware but since I don't know anything for sure, I could be running into whatever is giving it to me again and not even realize it.

I have two other spots (one next to my left eye and one on my left hip) but they aren't as big or irritating as the two on my neck. They are already starting to dry up because I have been taking benedryl at night and putting caladryl clear on during the day but they are still red and irritated looking and it makes me not want to see people. It is also making me look like I have a huge double chin.

I have not seen any people since Saturday night and I probably won't see anyone until tomorrow night if I can help it. I really do have a lot of will power when it comes to the itching, and I wouldn't even be that uncomfortable with it if it wasn't on my body where I can't really cover it

Anyhow, that is my life. So I have been indoors for two days working on stitching my quilt squares and filing....the weather sucks so I don't mind being inside too much right now. Enough babbling....


Haha said...

Be well darling.

Mishka said...

I will be....I am sick of taking the benedryl though, makes me feel drugged up in the morning but it seems to be working. The ones on my neck are much better this morning, the one next to my eye is almost gone. Now I just have the one on my hip to deal with but it is no biggie.