Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wool Coat

How exciting is my life that I am blogging about my coat???

Well, today I broke down and finally bought a "dress coat". I have a ton of coats, in fact I have a pile of them in a goodwill box on their way out the door. Coats are very hard for me to give up but reality is that when it comes to actually wearing a coat, there are only a couple that I really wear and the rest are just there for reserve.

I am trying to be better about not hoarding things and moving into a simpler life but it is hard for me....I am by nature a pack rat and keeping things for "just in case" is a motto of my life.

So, you are probably wondering, how buying a new coat is working on simplifying things...well, I haven't had a coat that I could wear with nice clothes or dresses, since I don't know...highschool, when I would wear recycled black trenchcoats? So I needed to get a nice wool coat with the idea, that this would free me up to get rid of three others that I have just had in reserve.

It seemed like I was in Burlington Coat Factory forever but I ended up with a 275 dollar Anne Klein wool/cashmere coat for about 100 bucks and I am happy with the purchase. I don't know that I will wear this coat all the time, but it will definitely fit the bill for the long term dressy needs, and now I can hand off the "wannabe" letterman's jacket, the 80's fleece, and the ugly OD green coat I used to wear in the 90's with big sweaters and leggings....(yes, I wore them too). I am sure someone else will find these coats very useful in the cold days we have left this winter, and I will feel a bit free-er.


Just a Girl said...

I so want a new winter coat but finding one that fits my monkey arms is very, very hard.

Chicken said...

I need one too. My coat is 10 years old. I think that I will buy one next fall.

Oh and picture please.

Mishka said...

I'll have to post a picture of it from my camera because I couldn't find it online. I was looking for a peacoat when I went out but I ended up with more of a dress coat (mid leg).

One Wink at a Time said...

Your coat sounds really nice, yeah, we'd like to see a pic. With you in it ;-)