Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pinging Issues

Well, as you all know (at least those of you that use Blogrolling) there has been a problem lately with their "recently updated" feature not working. In reality, it works fine, the problem seems to be either that Blogger is no longer sending out pings that they can read (I think this might be a New Blogger issue), or they are being bombarded with spam pings and legit ones are being dropped. I have tested the system by pinging the manually for all of my updates (as well as blogs that I read) and those go through fine and the "recently updated" feature seems to function fine.

I started noticing that recently my RSS feeds (this turns out to be partly because the RSS address on New Blogger is different than on Old Blogger) of my blog weren't updating on My Yahoo much and I am trying to get more traffic (even put my main blog on FuelMyBlog). I listed my blog with Yahoo and Google, and have been proactive in trying to get this "recently updated" issue fixed. I have become even more convinced that there is a New Blogger pinging problem. I don't think that their pings to even Weblogs or Technorati are working either. That is why I went to Autopinger yesterday.

I signed up for a free account and put all my blogs into their automated system where I could pick and choose which services would be pinged (and they ping EVERYBODY). I also ping manually through them each time I update one of my blogs just to be as current as I can. It has become part of my blogging routine. I turn off the services that are of the lowest percentages (usually indicates a problem with their system), and a lot of the non-english services (I keep at least two of the Japanese ones but turn off most of the others).

Anyhow, I thought I would share news of this service because it seems that my pings from them are getting through to Blogrolling with no problem and my blogs are reflecting the correct "recently updated" information. I figured that some of you might want to sign your blogs up for this service so that your blogs would show as "recently updated" as well since Blogger doesn't seem to be doing it for us right now.

Note: There is another service called Pingomatic that you can use for manual pings but I like the fact that if I forget to do it manually with Autopinger, they will eventually do it for me (I think it is at least once an hour).


Violet said...

i am hooked up on bloglines... but only so far that i have a list on the site. i haven't quite figured out how to get the HTML coding on my blog... therefore, most of this blog was technologically about three feet above my head. i just need about four uninterrupted hours to mess around on the sites and figure all of it out.

Chatty said...

The other day my blogroll said that every single site was updated at the same time. The entire page said, "Tawkin". either works or it is wonky. I always check sites anyway as I don't trust the pings.

Mishka said...

Chatty- I know, blogrolling has been trying to fix a problem with spam pings and they seem to reset their system every other day and it looks like everyone has updated.

I just started using the Autopinger and it seems to work fine. Your blog by the way is the only one I have from wordpress that ever shows as "recently updated".