Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Blogrolling Note

Seems that if you manually ping blog rolling in their ping form on their website, it will update your links in your blogroll.

I have been checking out their forums today after all my links when "new" and it seems that what has happened to cause most of their problems is spamblogs that ping as updated and have over worked the system. They are currently working on a cure, but if you want your blogs to show as updated, the work around is to do the manual ping on blogrolling's site. I tried to the ping at Technorati and Webblog but it didn't update blogrolling. I have tested pinging at blogrolling itself and it does work.

Update: I have been manually updating all the blogs in my blogroll with I just figure that if you updated today, you deserve to be at the top...don't know if I will do it all day, but it is fun to see them move around a has been so long.

This also means that you will look updated to anyone else that has you on their if you think that Blogrolling is working's is just me!!!


kilgorsky said...

I noticed it yestarday. All the links on your blogroll went "New Stuff". I thought this couldn't be possible.

Mishka said...

I think they reset their system or something yesterday morning and it caused everything to look says they were all updated at 6:32am...