Thursday, February 01, 2007


I have become a bit addicted to the Blogger Help Forum's. I try to post helpful information when I can, but this morning has been ridiculous.

Apparently a huge amount of people are having problems. These could be a server problem at Blogger, or they could be a migration from old to new problem. Thing is, everyone is posting their error message on the forums in all the different topic areas (some of which are not for problems) and no one seems to be reading the fact that EVERYONE is having this problem (meaning it is something that Blogger is probably working on and won't be fixed until it is fixed by them). There are hundreds of posts about this same exact problem and people are all pissed because it is not fixed yet.

Seems a few people have found relief by reloading their pages, or even by upgrading to the new templates while others have mentioned that reverting back to classic templates has helped them. I know that I would be irritated if I was having a problem, and I might even go to the forums to see what was up, but if I saw that everyone was having the same problem, I would just figure that Blogger was working on it and I would just have to wait. I definitely wouldn't start modifying my template without an indication from Blogger that I should do so.

It is amazing to me that when there is a problem online, people get mad so fast when it is not completely fixed in a matter of minutes. The instantaneousness of the web has made us all a bit less patient.


Just a Girl said...

I saw you over on the help board when I went to check if there was any, er, help to be had.

After seing 50 billion people with the same issue I did chalk it up to Blogger and just went to bed instead.

Mishka said...

Yeah, I got my posting fix in this morning....things have slowed down now.

Mind Sprite said...

Half the time I check my blogger blogs, I can't get into them or I can't comment. I think maybe blogger's problem is people have been ticked off for a long time for a series of problems. I'm glad I switched to wordpress! Their server has never been down (knock on wood)

Mind Sprite said...

And frankly, clicking on the security notice before and after every single comment is a PAIN. Why does it do that?!?

Mishka said...

It is because of the security settings you have in IE...if you click the settings from prompt to enable on "allow mixed content" it will go away...I had to do it too, because it was driving me nuts.

Violet said...

Yep, I had problems all day yesterday. It was pissing me right off.

I just usually assume that when Blogger starts being a little bitch that I just need to walk away and come back later. That's about all I've found that works.

Good for you for trying to help others, though!